The Company


TACSA – Tecnología Argentina en Cintas S.A. is a company located in Hurlingham, province of Buenos Aires, with over 30 years of experience manufacturing and commercializing insulating tapes. This company is a market leader in Argentina that offers mastered quality products so as to fulfill the electricity, hardware and automotive markets. It mainly exports to Brazil and other countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia.


Since 1998, TACSA has maintained the certification of its Quality Management system, we have jointly progressed to the ISO Standard in its evolution and we renew our commitment to Quality through ISO recertification, under the standards of the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Quality Policy

The directory

The TACSA Board of Directors sets as business key strategy the following Quality Policy, which focuses on five major aspects: the CUSTOMER, the STAFF, the PRODUCT, the PROCESSES and the ENVIRONMENT

The customer

The products and associated services manufactured in TACSA shall meet the customer’s requirements and expectations regarding quality, quantity and delivery date.

The staff

We train our staff through constant education and training so as to reach the necessary expertise to carry out their specific tasks with the required level of quality, and the necessary safety to prevent risks of accidents, incidents and occupational diseases.

The product

We manufacture them to be effective for customers and globally profitable for the Company.

The processes

We are constantly improving our management (productive, administrative, etc.) processes and are committed to the fulfillment of the standards applicable to our activities.

The environment

We also recognize our position in the community; therefore, we pay special attention to the environment preservation throughout our productive processes.

Electrical Safety

For the products under the electricity sector portfolio, used with a low voltage, we obtained the seal of Electrical Safety, which remains in force through annual checks. Certificates were issued by IRAM (Argentine Institute of Standards and Certification).

The seal of Safety on the TACSA electricity sector products indicates that both the product and the manufacturing line have a certified system of quality control.


The quality of the company would not be possible if TACSA only paid attention to the financial aspect, without caring for the consequences of its activity in the environment, implementing the self-reliant development standards. As an example of social responsibility, TACSA’s solvent recovery unit recycles over 95% of such component