General Use Aerosols

TACSA Lubricant 15 for 1 derives from a mixture of oil by-products, essential oils and high penetration scale re movers. It is perfect to protect, lubricate and loosen mechanical parts, remove noise, displace moisture and ex tend their operating life.

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It is a highly pure aerosol contact cleaner especially designed to clean electric and electronic circuits. It cleans and protects all kinds of contacts, boards, magnetic heads, connectors, relays, motherboards and terminal blocks. It is used in audio, computing, video, electro-control and electro-medicine equipment, among others.

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About Us

TACSA – Tecnología Argentina en Cintas S.A. is a company located in Hurlingham, province of Buenos Aires, with over 30 years of experience manufacturing and commercializing insulating tapes. This company is a market leader in Argentina that offers mastered quality products so as to fulfill the electricity, hardware and automotive markets. It mainly exports to Brazil and other countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia.

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